Testimonials & Tributes

The Program has a reputation for excellence that few organizations can rival. Below is a sampling of testimonials from various individuals, highlighting the Program’s superb performance:

"The Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program embodies unsurpassed engineering and sustained excellence that few technical programs in or out of government can claim. In every area of performance, standards, safety and environmental care, the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program has excelled."
- Bill Clinton, Former President
"No program or technology has done more to safeguard America’s national security than Naval Reactors."
- Bob Smith, Senator
"Committed to excellence in designing, building, and operating nuclear propulsion plants, Naval Reactors’ people continue to set the standard for reliability, safety, and care for the environment."
- John H. Dalton, Former Secretary of the Navy
"For over fifty years, Naval Reactors has been at the forefront of developing nuclear and propulsion technologies that have benefited American science and national security. The nuclear-powered warships are clearly engineering marvels and the crews among the most highly trained and competent I have ever seen. All of these accomplishments have been made while maintaining an exceptional record of safety and public protection."
- Ernest J. Moniz, Former Under Secretary of Energy
"Since 1948, the Program, founded by Admiral Rickover, has served as a shining example of the excellence and efficiency we are working to achieve throughout the Department of Defense. Nuclear propulsion has enabled the Navy to make vital and continuing contributions to our national security around the globe. The reliability and endurance of the nuclear-powered fleet have been, and remain today, pivotal to providing strategic deterrence, forward presence, and freedom of the seas."
- William S. Cohen, Former Secretary of Defense
"Some of the most significant technological advancements embraced by the U.S. Navy during the last half century were made possible by the vision of leaders, including Admiral Rickover, who supported nuclear propulsion research. The vision became reality because of the dedication and commitment of the sailors and staff who have worked for this Program."
- Ike Skelton, Representative
"I truly feel that all the men and women involved in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program should know that our entire nation owes them a debt of gratitude. Indeed it was and is your efforts in creating and maintaining revolutionary technologies and programs that make the United States the envy of the world. As someone who was served so well by the breakthroughs and advancements you provide, I thank you."
- George H. W. Bush, Former President
"As a young submarine officer and later as President of the United States, I was privileged to work for and then with Admiral Hyman Rickover. No one has made a greater contribution to our nation’s security and scientific progress than this extraordinary man. As one of the greatest engineers of all time, he used extraordinary vision, intensity of purpose, and superb technical skills to orchestrate the use of nuclear energy—both for peaceful uses and for the preservation of world peace."
- Jimmy Carter, Former President
"I want to acknowledge from my personal experience the high regard I have for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary. In the field of nuclear energy, not only has Naval Nuclear Propulsion made a contribution to national security of incalculable value, but has done so with a level of sustained excellence that is an outstanding example of Government serving its citizens. The Program’s record of safety and environmental protection, started long before it was generally recognized how important these things are, is simply without equal."
- Al Gore, Former Vice President
"....the Senate commends the past and present personnel of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program for the technical excellence, accomplishment, and oversight demonstrated in the program and congratulates those personnel for the 50 years of exemplary service that has been provided to the United States through the program....it is the sense of the Senate that the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program should be continued into the next millennium to provide exemplary technical accomplishment in, and oversight of, Naval nuclear propulsion plants and to continue to be a model of technical excellence in the United States and the world."
- Portion of Senate Resolution 265
"Commending the Naval Nuclear Propulsion
Program on its 50th Anniversary"
(Senate–July 31, 1998)
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