BPMI Equipment Departments

The equipment departments are responsible for coordinating the procurement of specific components from the "definition of need" phase through specification development, contract placement, design, fabrication, testing, delivery, installation, operation, repair, refurbishment, and eventual disposal at the end of its useful life. Our equipment departments include:

Instrumentation & Control (IC) Department
Provides the electrical, electronic, and microprocessor-based equipment needed to operate, monitor, and control reactor plants. IC leads the design, manufacturing, and delivery of IC equipment, including the evaluation and application of emerging technologies, preparation of equipment specifications, technical support through the equipment's life cycle, and teaming with laboratories, shipyards, and suppliers.

Reactor Plant Heavy Equipment (RPHE) Department
Provides project lead for the design, manufacturing, testing, and delivery of equipment including steam generators, pressurizers, control drive mechanisms, reactor vessels, closure heads, and core baskets. RPHE also has procurement responsibility for reactor core and fuel work, and provides field service to the shipyards to ensure satisfactory equipment maintenance and operation.

Flow Control Equipment (FCE) Department
Delivers engineering and procurement services to develop, design, procure, and support various types and models of primary and secondary system valves, centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, and auxiliary equipment to ensure safe and reliable operation of naval nuclear propulsion plants.

Reactor Servicing & Simulator Equipment (RSSE) Department
Provides the means to refuel and defuel the Naval Nuclear Fleet by providing specially designed equipment, engineering, design assurance, procurement, and field support for reactor servicing work. RSSE also provides equipment to transport, process and store nuclear fuel including containers and railcars for shipment of new and used fuel. In addition, RSSE provides physical interactive engine room simulation equipment for Naval operator training and qualification.

Our talented team has supported the Naval fleet for more than 60 years.

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