BPMI Operations Departments

The operations departments provide functional and technical assistance to all of our employees. Our operations departments include:

Business & Financial Operations (BFO) Department
Administers and controls BPMI's finances and all contracts with the Government. The core functions within BFO are finance, auditing, accounting, and functional development of financial business applications.

Fleet Support (FS) Department
Deploys a highly specialized and diverse staff to ensure fleet needs are met and ships stay on mission. Our supply chain experts conduct logistical and inventory management functions for the operating fleet, shipyards, and Navy stock points. They are responsible for cradle-to-grave asset management including maintaining configuration and repair part requirements to support ship construction, retrofit, and operational schedules. Our technical publications professionals publish, distribute, and maintain the technical manuals used by Sailors to operate our components. From design through operation, our engineering experts provide inspection and analytical services to maximize component performance. These services ensure submarine and aircraft carrier power plants always operate safely and reliably.

Human Resources (HR) Department
Directs talent acquisition and talent development activities including diversity initiatives, manages total reward programs, communications programs, and various human resource services for all employees, including employee morale events, community services, and recognition reward programs. This department mission is to contribute to the success of the company by attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse and skilled workforce through expert services and partnership.

Industrial Base Management (IBM) Department
Optimizes the full capability of our supply chain. IBM faces outward into the industrial base and shipyards, strengthens partnerships with existing suppliers, invests in improving supplier performance, identifies and integrates new partners, and accelerates the adoption of advanced manufacturing technology in the Program.

Operational Effectiveness (OE) Department
Responsible for providing strategic and operational direction and assessment of BPMI’s operations. This includes Prime Contract compliance, monitoring and assessing internal quality, and BPMI security and facility operations. OE is also responsible for IT systems, which includes technology development and maintenance to advance the Navy’s logistics systems, BPMI’s business systems to support BPMI’s mission, and data analytics to support technical and operational decisions. 

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